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Films with the actor Adolf Ilyin

Adolf Ilyin


Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1956). Ancestor of the actor's dynasty. His sons are well-known theater and film actors - Vladimir Ilyin (born 1947) and Alexander Ilyin (born 1952). From 1938 to 1941 - Artist of the Opera and Ballet Theater named after A.V. Lunacharsky in Sverdlovsk. The participant of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Medical orderly sanroty 46th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 16th GOLSD. From the award list - "During his service as an orderly officer, Ilyin brought out the following number of soldiers and commanders from the battlefield: under the village of Novye Niva, 14 people, under the village of Ukhnye Sekachi, 24 people; under the village of Ochistka, 12 people 8 people, under the village of Polunino, 24 people. In total, he carried out 82 people injured and carrying weapons. When carrying out the wounded, T. Ilyin showed courage and courage, rendering the wounded first aid under attack of the enemy, in any combat conditions. In the Patriotic War against the Germans fascist invaders t. Ilyin showed himself loyal and courageous oinom Red Army. "