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Films with the actor Albina Shulgina

Albina Shulgina

Playwright, screenwriter, poetess. Born in a deaf village on the banks of Vyatka. She studied at the Literary Institute in Moscow, but, yielding to a romantic impulse, transferred to correspondence courses and went to the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant, where she worked as a concrete worker for several years. In 1964, Shulgina came to Lenfilm. According to her scripts, more than 40 films have been created here. In recent years, she has worked on scripts for television series ("Gangster Petersburg" and "Black Crow"). The libretto by Shulgina staged performances in theaters of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Murmansk, Abakan. Composers Valery Gavrilin, Andrei Petrov, Victor Pleshak, Evgeny Krylatov, Alexander Zhurbin wrote music on her poems. She also released two poetry collections - "Black Day" Poems and "Poems." Songs. Theater".