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Films with the actor Irina Rakshina

Irina Rakshina


At the age of 4, she lost her mother, and at the age of 12 she remained an orphan with her younger sister. A neighbor saved them from the orphanage, who took care of them. After the 8th grade, being an excellent student, I entered a garment vocational school in order to master at least some kind of craft and be able to survive on my own. But I didn’t forget my childhood dream of becoming an actress. She graduated from LGITMiK in 1986 (course of I.P. Vladimirskyrov) and was accepted into the troupe of the Lensovet Theater (St. Petersburg Open Theater). After the institute, she immediately received the role of Iskra Polyakova in the play “Tomorrow was a war”. A brilliant comedic actress, the performer of the roles of rogues and laughter. Honored Artist of Russia (2010). During her studies at the institute she married actor Yuri Galtsev. Daughter Masha. The actress is a lot of movies.