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Films with the actor Igor Pushkaryov

Igor Pushkaryov

Actor, Director

In 1956 he entered the acting faculty of the Theater School named after M.Shepkin, on the course of Veniamin Tsygankov. His teachers were Lydia Deykun, Nikolai Annenkov, Mikhail Tsarev. In 1958, while still a third-year student at the institute, Igor Pushkarev first appeared in films, playing the episodic role of the groom in the film “The Wind” by A. A. Alov and V. N. Naumov. Then followed other films. In 1960, shortly before graduation, I. B. Pushkarev and V. S. Vysotsky (with whom he became friends in December 1959) were admitted to the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theater [1], whose leader was time became B.I. Ravensky. However, according to the actor himself, he started a “cinema boom”, when one main role followed another, and he gave preference to cinema. In 1961, Igor Pushkarev played one of his best roles - Boris Ramzin in the film “And if this is love?” By Yuli Raizman, which brought him fame. Following her, Igor Borisovich was invited to play the main role in the picture of Anatoly Granik “The First”, where he played a test pilot Sergei Sazonov, who became one of the first cosmonauts. Only in 1964, when there were fewer offers to be filmed, did Igor Pushkarev return to the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theater. In 1967 he entered the Higher Directing Courses at the Central Television, organized by Marlene Hutsiev. After graduating from courses in 1969, Igor Borisovich became the director of documentary films on CT. Then he worked at the film studio of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, the Belarusfilm film studio, at the State Concert. Since 1993 - General Director of the Spektr film company.