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Films with the actor Lyudmila Krylova

Lyudmila Krylova


Lyudmila Krylova was born on October 2, 1938 in Moscow, in a low-income family. Mother died in 1947, when Lyudmila was not yet nine years old. While studying in high school, she studied in the drama club at the Pravda Palace of Culture in Moscow on Pravda Street. In 1956, after graduating from high school, decided to enroll in the Schepkinsky school. Then Veniamin Ivanovich Tsygankov, who took an acting course, staged Boris Gorbatov’s play “One Night” at the Maly Theater and he needed a boy similar to the main character. Lyudmila was like her, so the teacher and director literally led her on the entrance exams before admission. In 1960, she graduated from the MS Shchepkin Higher Theater School in Moscow (course of Veniamin Ivanovich Tsygankov), the playwrights Andrei Weizler and Alexander Misharin later became classmates. From 1960 to the present - actress of the Moscow Drama Theater "Contemporary". Lyudmila Ivanovna also works on television and radio.