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Films with the actor Natalya Krachkovskaya

Natalya Krachkovskaya


Russian character actress. Mother - actress of the Moscow Theater named after A.S. Pushkina Maria Zotovna Fonina. The family always lived at the theater, so Natalya did not think of life outside the acting profession. Passing exams in the Historical Archives Institute, at the same time decided to enroll in VGIK, in the workshop of Vladimir Belokurov. She began to study in the first year, but got hit by a car and seriously damaged her eyesight, the doctors forbade her to continue her studies. In the years 1961-1967. worked as a laboratory assistant at the Institute of Metallurgy of the USSR, in 1967-1970. - At the Department of Geology, Moscow State University. Since 1974 - actress of the Ivanovo Regional Philharmonic, in 1975-1977. - Actress Mosconcert.