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Films with the actor Natalya Rychagova

Natalya Rychagova


Born May 3, 1945 in Moscow. Her father was a famous landscape painter. Mother was a housewife and was engaged in raising her daughter. In 1955, director Ilya Fraz was looking for young actors for his future film "Vasek Trubachev and His Comrades." Were viewed in Moscow schools. Including in that school where Natasha studied. She really liked Fraz, and he took her for the role of Nyura Sinitsyna. The picture was a great success and the continuation of "The Trubachev Detachment Fights" followed in 1957. After Trubachev, Natasha woke up famous, but despite the success of the film and the sudden popularity, she was not going to become an actress. However, her mother decided otherwise and took her daughter to the City House of Pioneers, to the drama school to the wonderful teacher Yevgenia Vasilyevna Galkina. Here Natasha was engaged until graduation. It was there that she was born the desire to become an actress. In addition to studying with Evgenia Vasilyevna, she took an active part in the work of the school drama group. She entered VGIK and began to act in films from the second year: the film was called “No Unknown Soldiers”. In 1967 she graduated from the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography. Then immediately after graduating from the institute, she had a small work in the Mark Opepian film “Three Days of Viktor Chernyshev”. After the birth of his daughter in 1968, Rychagova begins to actively withdraw. The film goes for the film. The roles were very different - both major and minor: a young teacher in Isidor Annensky's Coach, Zoya in Anatoly Bobrovsky's Return of Saint Luke, Nadia Voevodina in the film “Cross the Threshold” by Richard Viktorov, Klava Ivanov in the TV film “About Klava” Ivanov ”, Dunyasha in“ The Mortal Enemy ”by Yevgeny Matveyev. But, of course, the most memorable and beloved so far by the spectator by Natalia Rychagova’s work was the role of Masha Belkina in the famous Vladimir Horny film “Officers”. In 1975, twenty years after “Vaska Trubachev,” director Ilya Fraz invited Natalia Rychagova to her film “We Weren't Over This”. The film was a success and even won one of the prizes at the festival in Panama. After that, Natalya Sergeevna continued to act, but the roles were getting smaller, and the films were no longer so memorable. Over time, the proposals are removed and completely stopped. Rychagova last appeared on the big screen in 1993 in the film "Breakfast with a View of Elbrus". Natalya Rychagova was married to actor Alexei Inzhevatov. They met at admission to VGIK. March 2, 1968 daughter Masha was born. Natalya Sergeevna always devoted all her free time to her daughter. At the age of five, Masha began to play the piano, then entered the central school at the conservatory. After finishing school, Masha went to VGIK at the film faculty and then worked there as a methodologist. In early January 2006, their daughter died after a serious illness. And in September 2010, Alexey Inzhevatov also passed away. Natalya Sergeyevna “lived as a grandson” in recent years. Occasionally Rychagovu was invited to television to voice the series. But she was not offended at life. “The main thing is that my family life has developed!” Said the actress.