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Films with the actor Alexey Chernov

Alexey Chernov

Actor, Art Director

CHERNOV ALEKSEY PETROVICH ALEXEY GRAZDEV Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1952). People's Artist of the RSFSR (1958). Upon completion of the 8th grades of the 1st Tomsk Polytechnic School of the II stage in 1924, he entered the Tomsk Music School as a bassoon class, but after studying 2 courses, in 1926, he left the school for health reasons. From June to December 1926, he worked as an auxiliary worker in a land management cooperative near Tomsk, and in January 1927 entered the auxiliary structure of the Tomsk City Theater, where he remained until September 1930. Work at the Tomsk Theater finally reinforced the desire to be a professional artist in a young man, so in September 1930 Chernov went to Moscow and entered the drama school at the Theater of Revolution in the class of Alexey Dmitrievich Popov, who graduated in 1934 and was accepted into the troupe of this theater, where one season worked. In September 1935 he moved to the Voronezh Theater, which went on stage for 32 years. In 1964, Alexey Petrovich received from Stanislav Rostotsky an offer to play Maxim Maksimych in the film adaptation of the novel “A Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov, which changed his whole future life. On the domestic movie screens, a middle-aged charming actor appeared who immediately occupied his niche there. He began to be removed from film to film and, in the end, decided to leave the theater for the sake of cinema. In 1967 he moved to Moscow and became a full-time actor at the Gorky Film Studio.