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Films with the actor Maria Poroshina

Maria Poroshina


She studied at the school with in-depth study of the French language, was engaged in dance at the ensemble "Birch". After graduating from school, she entered the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, but she received her acting education at the BV Shchukin Higher Theater School. She led the television program "Shire Krug", played in various productions of the modern and classical repertoire, including in the theater "On Pokrovka" by Sergey Artsibashev. From the first marriage - daughter Polina Kutsenko (born 1996). Second husband - actor Ilya Drevnov; three daughters - Seraphim (born September 27, 2005), Agrafena (born February 18, 2010), Glafira (born February 3, 2016).