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Films with the actor Furkat Faiziev

Furkat Faiziev


The youngest son of director Latif Faiziyev. In 1992 he graduated from VGIK. Directorial works: “Non” - scriptwriter and director, documentary, Film Studio VGIK, Russia, 1988, “Old Man and Soldier” - script writer and director, short film, Film Studio VGIK, Russia , 1989. “When I return ...” - scriptwriter and production director, short feature film, EMTO Studio 5, Uzbekistan, 1992. Imam Al-Bukharsky - screenwriter and director, documentary, Documentary Film Studio, Uzbekistan, 1998. “Kotil” (“The Murderer”) - scriptwriter and director, three-part television feature film, Sanat Maeno Studio and Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2002. “The path of death. The second film. What is my fault? ”Screenwriter and production director,“ Documentary Film Studio ”, Uzbekistan, 2002. “Lonely” - director, “Bayram-Cinema”, Uzbekistan, 2004. On January 5, 1992, at the initiative of the national artist of Uzbekistan, film director Latif Abidovich Fayziev, the first private film studio in the territory of the CIS countries was organized - “Faizi Cinema” film studio. After the death of his father in 1994, Furkat Fayziev became the artistic director of the studio.