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Films with the actor Victor Aristov

Victor Aristov

Actor, Director

Film director, screenwriter, actor. Born on June 9, 1943 in the village of Budyonovka, Dzhambul District, Kyrgyz SSR. The real surname is Arrest. He graduated from the directing department LGITMiKa (1968, in absentia). In 1960-1962 - machinist scene of the Dzhambul regional drama theater. Prior to his studies at the institute, he worked as a traveling worker for a tram-trolleybus department in Leningrad, as a senior engineer at the Herzen Pedagogical Institute. Since 1968 - assistant director, then - director of the film studio "Lenfilm". The second director of the films "Twenty Days Without War" (1976), "Widows" (1976), and others. He wrote the script for the film "Wife Gone" (Dinara Asanova), was filmed in episodes of Kira Muratova’s films: gray stones "and others. Fame came to director Viktor Aristov after the release of the film" Gunpowder ", telling how during the Great Patriotic War, a barge loaded with gunpowder was delivered from Kronstadt to Leningrad under bombardment and bombing. This work in 1987 was awarded the main prize of the festival "Young cinema of Leningrad". Interest was also caused by a new film by the director - “It is difficult the first hundred years”, and the next work by Viktor Aristov, psychological thriller “Satan”, shot by him according to his own script, received the prize “Silver Bear” at the 1991 Berlin Film Festival. He passed away on January 2, 1994 while working on the film “Rain in the Ocean”. Filming of this picture was completed by director Yuri Mamin.