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Films with the actor Alexandra Panova

Alexandra Panova


Alexandra Petrovna Panova. The actress of theater and cinema, the performer of small, characteristic roles. Among the films: Old vaudeville, Young Guard, Rural doctor, Seryozha, The plot for a short story. A student of a private acting studio, Alexandra Panova changed several scenic stages and settled in the Theater actor studio after the war. In the cinema Panova began to be filmed a lot from the end of 40 s. Among the roles: Eupraxia Aristarkhovnaya Fyrsikova (Ancient vaudeville), Solomonikha (Three meetings), Marfa Lyubashyova (Cavalier of the Golden Star), Sophia Savvisna (Rural doctor), Rogal-Piontkovskaya (Disturbed youth), Parasha (Ordinary man), Bolt-Pyontkovskaya (Worried youth), Parasha (Ordinary first love), grandmother Yulia (Night visitor), Aunt Pasha (Seryozha), professor (Near these windows). The most significant role is Yevgenia Yakovlevna Chekhova in the film Theme for a short story. Alexandra Panova devoted a lot of time to the duplication of pictures, she voiced about two hundred characters. Merited Artist of the RSFSR (1940). In 1917 she graduated from the Theater Studio E.Shokhodolskaya. She worked in the theaters of Moscow and Leningrad, including the Moscow Theater of Satire. In 1936-1945 - actress of the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater named after M. Gorky, since 1945 - in the Theater-Studio of the Film Actor in Moscow.