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Films with the actor Miroslav Kuvaldin

Miroslav Kuvaldin


Ukrainian singer, musician, TV presenter, leader of the group "The VYO". The father of the singer - from Nigeria, studied at Zaporozhye Medical Institute. After graduation I went back to my homeland, and Myroslava was brought up by mother. In 1979 Miroslav moved with his mother to a small town of Kobeljaki, not far from Poltava. Myroslav studied at the Poltava Pedagogical Institute, later joined the Kharkiv University of Culture as a "director" specialty. He was eventually transferred to Kyiv University. In the end, he entered the Institute of Practical Psychology. In 1991, together with Sergey Pidkauura, he created the band The The Way, which in 1995 became the winner of the festival "Chervona ruta" with the song "Ganga". In 2000, at the invitation of Alexander Asauluk, Myroslav Kuvaldin commenced the career of a television set on the M1 channel. In 2004, Myroslav Kuvaldin participated in the Orange Revolution, and in 2005 he recorded a solo album Mirror of the World. In 2013, during EuroMaydan Miroslav Kuvaldin, together with the band "The VYO", supported the protesters with their performances. Miroslav was a sound producer in the Ukrainian films Casting and Las Meninas (2008, directed by Igor Podolchak), and also played a major role in the films "Bes Port No" and "Casting". Married, has two children.