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Films with the actor Zhanna Vitenzon

Zhanna Vitenzon

Zhanna Ziskindovna Vitenson (born April 26, 1929, Vitebsk) - Soviet animation scriptwriter, author of books for children. One of the most prolific authors of animated films of the 1960-1980s. In 1947-1952 she studied at the philological faculty of Moscow State University. In 1952-1954 he worked at the Bryansk Institute for the Improvement of Teachers. He is the author of scenarios of animated films produced at the studios "Soyuzmultfilm", "Kievnauchfilm", "Belarusfilm", "Uzbekfilm", "Multtelefilm" (TO "Ekran"). She collaborated with directors R. A. Kachanov, O. P. Khodataeva, L. V. Aristov, S. L. Aristakesova, V. Ya. Bordzilovskim, M. G. Novogrudskaya and others. The author of children's books. Winner of the literary award "Silver Monkey" (1975, Japan) for the tale "A fire is burning in the yaranga". Zhanna Vitenzon starred in the documentary series “Miracle Factory” (film 2 “Screenwriter”). A cousin is a poet, screenwriter and translator Heinrich Veniaminovich Sapgir.