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Films with the actor Valeri Frid

Valeri Frid


Screenwriter, playwright. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (12/31/1976). In 1940 he entered the screenwriting department of VGIK. In 1944, having passed the theoretical course examinations ahead of time, he volunteered for the Red Army. In 1944 he was repressed along with Julius Dunsky, his future co-author. He defended his diploma many years later, in 1957. Dunsky and Fried are some of the best Russian writers. Many films based on their scenarios were included in the golden fund of Soviet cinema. Among the best scenarios: “Two Comrades Served”, “Old, Old Tale”, “Burn, Burn, My Star”, “Red Square”, “Tale about how Tsar Peter arap married”, “Crew”, “Tale of wandering ". Since 1998, for the most talented students of the scenario department of VGIK, Slovo and Frid scholarship has been established by the Slovo studio. In 1997, the autobiographical book "58th and a half" was published, which immediately became a bestseller. He was buried in Moscow at Donskoy Cemetery, next to the playwright Yuli Dunsky (columbarium 22, section 6).