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Films with the actor Alain Sanko

Alain Sanko


The brilliant character actress, played small roles in the films “Polyushko-pole”, “Have an idea!”, “4: 0 in favor of Tanechka”. The mother of actresses Yola Sanko and Natalia Sanko. Muscovite Elena Moskalenko at the age of 20 volunteered for the front, served in artillery, was a foreman, led the production of a special division of the headquarters of the 3rd Artillery Zhytomyr Order of Lenin of the Red Banner RGT breakthrough division. In the midst of the war, the division commander Ivan Sanko made her an offer, and on the night of January 1, 1943 they decided to get married. Among the films: “Polyushko-Polye” (Lukerya Kovrova), “Oleko Dundich” (Nadezhda Ivanovna), “Khovanshchina” (streletskaya wife), “It happened in the police” (typist), “The Tale of the KGB” (Becker), “ What does a person need? ”(Lida),“ Bride ”(aunt Tonya),“ Zatsepin’s family ”(Jyrka’s mother),“ I want to be a minister ”(Anna Efimovna),“ Youth with us ”(Liliya Borisovna),“ Obsessed ”(mother Lida). Elena Sanko was so organic and natural on the screen that her work was jokingly compared to the existence of children or animals in the frame. She felt any character and skillfully transferred it to the screen. In 1948 she graduated from drama school at the Theater. Griboedov in Tbilisi. In 1954-59 - actress PTSA. She worked in drama theaters in Germany and Poland. Since 1964 - actress PTSA. She passed away on December 31, 1984. Daughter - actress Yola Sanko (1947).