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Films with the actor Vadim Romanov

Vadim Romanov


He graduated from the Voronezh State Institute of Arts with a degree in film, theater and film actor (1983) and the Russian Academy of Theater Arts in film theater (1997). He played in the Chelyabinsk Academic Drama Theater. Zwilling, in the Yaroslavl State Academic Theater. F. Volkov (1984-2000), where he was one of the leading actors and played more than 40 roles in the classical and modern repertoire. Among his characters are Alyosha (“By the Sea” by V. Rozov), Neznamov (“Guilty Without Guilt” by A. Ostrovsky), Nikolay Dyur (“Green Carriage” by A. Gladkov), Tsarevich Alexey (“The Infant of Murder” by F. Gorenstein), Tonino and Zanetto Bizanesi (“Venetian twins” C. Goldoni), Hamlet (“Hamlet” by William Shakespeare), Prov (“The Grouse's Nest” by A. Arbuzov), Platonov (“Platonov” by A. Chekhov), Gorodulin (“On All sage quite simplicity "A. Ostrovsky), Jester (" King Lear "by W. Shakespeare), Lasukov (" Autumn boredom "N. Nekrasov) and others. Put performances:" I will come back ... "(after V. Voinovich)," Goodbye abolition is canceled ”(according to V. Vysotsky),“ Forest ”by A. Ostrovsky,“ Autumn boredom ”and“ Actor ”by N. Nekrasov,“ Not all is vanity ”(author's benefit performance),“ Kabala is holy ”by M. Bulgakov,“ Temple ” V. Moskalenko, "Destiny, scorched by war." Since 1991, he was actively engaged in journalism: he wrote articles on the history of cinema, theater reviews, journalistic materials in periodicals of Yaroslavl. He participated in the creation of the TV company "City TV Channel", then he was the editor of art programs on the Center TV channel, the author and host of the programs "Saturday Night", "Kinoklassika", "Pacer", "Do not rotate the globe", "Ladder to the sky" , “Monday begins on Saturday”, “Intermission” and others on Yaroslavl television. In 2000-2009 - Actor Alexandrinsky Theater. Honored Artist of Russia (1997).