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Films with the actor Mihail Smolyanitsky

Mihail Smolyanitsky

He graduated from the Russian State Humanitarian University (Historical Archives Institute) in 1992 and directing faculty of the Theater School. B.V. Shchukin in 2000 (course L. E. Heifetz and M. R. Ter-Zakharova). Since 1990, began to publish as a prose writer and journalist. Stories and stories, as well as plays, were published in the weekly Russian Courier, Capital, Screen and Stage, Banner, Volga, and Solo magazines. Articles and reviews - in many Moscow newspapers and magazines, including “Capital”, “Spark”, “Moscow Observer”, “Theater”. In 1991 - 1995 years - the correspondent of the arts department of the weekly "Capital". Since 1995 - constant cooperation with television as a screenwriter and director. He participated in the creation of a number of serial programs, including “Rec-Time”, “These funny animals”, “Guessing”, “The Seventh Sense”, “Dad, Mom, I am a sports family”. He also engaged in advertising: he wrote texts, voiced videos, put and led presentations. Mikhail's two stories were included in the book Anthology of the Modern Story (M., Olimp, AST, 2000). He is the author of the prose book War and the World (M., Olympus, AST, 2003). The book includes three novels and the novel “The History of the Mirror”, which in 2001 was nominated for the “National Bestseller” award. He staged a number of performances in Moscow (independent projects), including his own plays.