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Films with the actor Yuri Alikov

Yuri Alikov

Yuri Ivanovich Alikov (b. 1934) - Ukrainian and Soviet screenwriter and science fiction writer. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Ukrainian SSR. He worked at the Kievnauchfilm studio. For the scripts of the popular science films “The Language of Animals” (1967) and “Do Animals Think?” (1970) in 1972 was awarded the USSR State Prize. Together with V. G. Kapustyan, he wrote the science fiction novel “The Messengers of Neptune” (Ukrainian Gintsi of Neptune, 1979, translated into Ukrainian from a Russian manuscript) on the topic of searching for contacts with dolphins. One of the authors of the script for a four-episode film adaptation of a novel for television entitled "People and Dolphins" (1983-1984, "Kievnauchfilm"). One of Alikov's most famous works is the script for the cartoon Treasure Island (1988).