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Films with the actor Arthur Nishchenkin

Arthur Nishchenkin


Born on July 15, 1931 in the city of Kulebaki, Gorky Region, RSFSR, USSR. His father, Pyotr Aleksandrovich, from the age of 14 worked as a mechanic at the Kulebaki Metallurgical Plant. In 1941, he volunteered for the front and died in 1945. Mother, Maria Petrovna, worked in the trade, was the head of the factory canteen production. In 1939, Arthur became a student of Kulebaki High School. In 1941, in connection with the outbreak of the war, he and his mother evacuated, first to Dzerzhinsk, then to the city of Chirchik in Central Asia. Due to the difficult living conditions and the forced change of several schools, Arthur received a secondary education certificate only in 1950 at Dzerzhinsk Secondary School No. 5. In 1950, Artur Nishchyonkin became a student of the acting faculty of VGIK in the workshop of Boris Bibikov and Olga Pyzhova. His subsequent classmates were many subsequently famous actors: Rufina Nifontova, Izolda Izvitskaya, Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Leonid Parkhomenko, Tatyana Konyukhova, Valentina Berezutskaya and others. After graduating from the institute in 1955, Nishyonkin was accepted into the troupe of the theater actor’s studio. Then in 1957, he transferred to the acting staff of the Gorky film studio and worked there for exactly forty years. The first two years of his professional activity, Artur Petrovich worked dubbing, achieving excellent results in this field. Having started acting since 1957, he did not leave this craft and was engaged in it throughout his entire creative life. As an actor starred in more than ninety films. He played the role of strong courageous heroes, workers, military. Among the best roles are: Semin (“The Sailor went ashore”), Alex (“Ataman Kodr”), Yegor (“Lights”), captain Katyushin (“Aniskin and Fantômas”), Quartz (“Fair magic”), Kuzma (“ Tachanka from the south ”), Boyar the Terrible Eyes (“ Take me with you ”), Tutyk (“ Proceed to liquidation ”), Tom (“ Detachment D ”). Artur Petrovich’s wife Mirra Sergeevna worked as an economist at Mosfilm. Daughter Alla - a leading expert on television. Died suddenly in Moscow on June 18, 2001, less than a month before his 70th birthday. The actor was buried at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.