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Films with the actor Oksana Fomicheva

Oksana Fomicheva


After finishing school, sixteen-year-old Oksana triumphantly entered GITIS, having conquered the recognized master of theatrical art A. Goncharov with her creative program. In his workshop Oksana Fomicheva and studied. While still a student of GITIS, Oksana organically entered the world of cinema with the light hand of the master Yuri Ozerov. A major Soviet director was looking for a lyrical heroine for a long time and entrusted the talented student with the lead role in one of his latest tapes - “Stalingrad”. In the mid-nineties, Oksana Fomicheva was admitted to the Gorky Moscow Art Theater under the leadership of Tatyana Doronina. She played the main roles in the play "Family Holidays" by V. Belov and in the famous production of "Blue Bird". In 1997, Oksana Fomicheva won the competition for the tour Robertino Loretti. For the first time the actress acted not only as a leader, but also as a director of a musical show. In 1998, the actress, in collaboration with C. Vries, wrote the play Spanish Lessons. The production of Fomicheva turned out to be a sparkling Christmas play about the incredible adventures of a foreigner in Russia. In the 2000–2001 season, the performance went with a full house on the Moscow theater stages. Currently, Oksana Fomicheva is engaged in directing and teaching activities.