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Films with the actor Yuri Puzyrev

Yuri Puzyrev


Yuriy Nikolaevich Puzyrev (May 6, 1926 - May 24, 1991) - Soviet theater and film actor. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1969). Yuri Puzyrev was born in the village of Silver Ponds of the Moscow Region. Childhood passed in Leningrad. At the beginning of World War II, his mother, Eugenia Arefyevna, was sent into evacuation. He returned to Leningrad in 1944 and entered the engineering college. At the request of the mother was admitted to the Bolshoi Drama Theater to participate in the crowd scenes. When a group came from Moscow to recruit talented young people to the Moscow Art Theater School, Puzyrev was selected and in September 1948 he was enrolled in the acting department, on the course of I. M. Rajewski, who graduated in 1952. In 1952-1958 he served in the Central Theater of Transport, in 1958 he was invited to the Moscow Art Theater. After the division of the Art Theater in 1987, he was an actor headed by Tatyana Doronina of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky. In March 1991, due to disagreements with the artistic leadership, he was forced to leave the theater. In the cinema, Yuri Puzyrev made his debut in 1954, starring in the film Vladimir Nemolyaev "Sea Hunter". Widespread fame actor brought the role of Bezais in the movie "On the Other Side". This film also began his long-term collaboration with Alexandra Pakhmutova: in addition to “Songs of anxious youth”, which sounded in the film “On the Other Side”, Puzyrev performed his other songs: “Farewell to Bratsk” and “LEP-500”. Yury Puzyrev died on May 24, 1991 and was buried in Moscow, at the Troekurovsky cemetery. Wife - Anna Puzyryova. Son - Anatoly Puzyrev (09.IV.1946), actor. Since 2009 he has been working at the Theater “On Foundry”. She teaches acting skills at St. Petersburg State University, associate professor, runs a workshop.