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Evgeny Vesnik


Yevgeny Yakovlevich Vesnik (January 15, 1923, Petrograd - April 10, 2009, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, theater director, master of artistic expression (reader), publicist, author of a number of scripts for radio and television. People's Artist of the USSR (1989). Evgeny Vesnik was born in Petrograd to the family of Yakov Ilyich and Evgenia Emnikuilovna Vesnik. The family lived on Pribytkivska street, 24. Soon they moved to Krivoy Rog - Jacob Vesnik was appointed director of the Krivoy Rog combine [4]. After the execution of the father and the mother’s exile to Kazakhstan in 1937, he was sent to a special orphanage for children of “enemies of the people”. On the way to the place I ran away; M. I. Kalinin, the former head of the workshop before the revolution at the Petersburg factory, where Jacob Vesnik worked as a mechanic, helped his son to register in the parents' apartment. From the age of fifteen and a half he was an auxiliary worker in the workshop, where he checked the integrity of gas masks. In 1942, Vesnik was drafted into the Red Army, graduated from an artillery school with the rank of junior lieutenant. From June 1944 he was at the front - was the commander of a fire platoon of the 1st Guards Corps Artillery Brigade and adjutant of the commander of the 5th Guards Howitzer Artillery Sevastopol Red Banner Brigade, Guards Lieutenant. Participant in the assault of Konigsberg. He was awarded military orders and medals. In 1948 in Moscow he graduated from the Moscow School of Theater named after MS Schepkin and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Drama Theater. KS Stanislavsky (now the Electrotheatre Stanislavsky). In 1954 he moved to the Moscow Theater of Satire, where he served until 1963 and became the first in the USSR to perform the role of Ostap Bender, who played a total of six hundred times. Since 1963, Vesnik was an actor in the Maly Theater, which he left in 1992. At the same time 1981–1990, he performed on the stage of the Moscow Drama Theater “Sphere”. Theater Moscow Yevgeny Vesnik was also known as a collector of people's gaits; He recalled that in the process of getting used to the role, the hero's gait always helped him to recognize his hero, and often the actors turned to Vesnik with a request to “sell the gait” for a particular role. So, he presented Nikolai Gritsenko with a “pacer” gait for the role of Alexey Karenin in A. Zarkhi’s “Anna Karenina” film - while walking, the left hand moves with the left foot, and the right hand moves with the right foot. As in the Theater of Satire, and in the Maly Theater, Evgeny Vesnik was engaged in directing. In 1990, on the stage of the Krivoy Rog City Theater of Drama and the Musical Comedy named after T. G. Shevchenko, he staged a play about the fate of his parents “Purge” based on a play by V. Kozak. The actor's debut in cinema took place in 1955, in Sergei Yutkevich’s film “Othello”; played more than 90 roles [10], worked on dubbing, voiced cartoons. He worked a lot on radio and television; From the mid-1950s he performed on the stage. Evgeny Vesnik is the author of 20 books; wrote a series of scripts for radio and television. He was a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR, the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, the Union of Writers of the USSR. In 2005, the actor suffered pneumonia, and on April 7, 2009, he suffered a stroke. April 10, died in a hospital in Moscow. He was buried on April 14 at Troyekurovsky cemetery.