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Films with the actor Kirill Kaganovich

Kirill Kaganovich


Father - Mikhail Kaganovich, poet, writer and actor. At the age of 10 he came to casting to Boris Grachevsky in Yeralash and played his first role as "Tuzik". On the set, he received a recommendation to audition for the young actor's Musical Theater under the direction of A.L. Fedorov. In the theater he played the Dodger in “Oliver Twist”, Misha - “In the Nursery”, took part in the performances “Fantasy on the theme of Dunaevsky”, “The Dream of Rain”, etc. In parallel with the work in the theater, he starred in Yeralash. At the age of 15 he entered the drama school of them. Shepkina to the course of Yu. Solomin, but in the same year he transferred to GITIS, to the workshop of B.A. Morozov. Vocalist of the musical group DEEP-SKY.