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Films with the actor William De Vital

William De Vital


Since childhood, he dreamed of becoming an actor. He graduated from music school in piano, 10 years of dancing in the ensemble of folk dance, participated in all possible drama and other circles. Thanks to his father, a professor at the Lviv Institute of Physical Education, played sports. Vitaliy, having fulfilled the standards of the master of sports in ju-do and archery, in 1976 entered the Institute of Physical Education. During his studies, he worked at the Lviv Theater of the Young Spectator as a teacher of stage movement, stunt director, and later as an actor. The first participation in the shooting was the film of the Odessa film studio “The Magic Voice of Gelsomino” in 1976. After that, thanks to his work in the theater and acquired skills at the Institute of Physical Education, he participated in stunt scenes for films shot in Lviv - “D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”, “From the Bug to the Vistula”, etc. After graduating from the institute and serving in the army he moved in Kiev, where he worked at the Sports Committee of Ukraine. At the same time he was accepted into the group of stuntmen of the Dovzhenko film studio. Since 1984, began to work only in the cinema. Until 1991, Vitaly worked more than 300 motion pictures at many studios in the country as a stuntman and stunt producer. In 1991 he emigrated to Israel, where he created and led a group of stuntmen. For 8 years, his group has worked in many films of American, French and English film studios, as well as in various stunt shows. In 1998, Vitaly moved to Canada and to this day he successfully works as a stuntman and stunt director at film studios in Canada and Hollywood.