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Films with the actor Evgenia Khanaeva

Evgenia Khanaeva


E. N. Khanaeva was born on January 2, 1921 in Bogorodsk (now Noginsk, Moscow Region). Daughter of opera singer N. S. Khanaev. In 1938-1939, she was a law student at Moscow State University. In 1939-1941 she studied at the Theater School. Schepkina, and in 1941-1943 - in the Moscow City Theater School. In 1947 she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. Since 1947 - actress of the Moscow Art Theater. The role of the actress was a little, but she managed even in a small number to create memorable images. She succeeded and dramatic, and comedic, and grotesque characters. Already at a mature age, E. N. Khanaeva became a memorable master of movie background films and a film episode. All-Union fame received after the film "Drawing" (1976). In the mid-1980s, E. Khanaeva got into an accident on her Zhiguli, which resulted in a spinal injury. The actress experienced very strong pain, but continued to play in the theater. Hoping to get rid of the constant pains she turned to neurosurgeon Edward Kandel. He immediately stated: "Either - or" [2]. The operation was carried out in October 1987, but Evgenia Nikandrovna was not able to get out of the coma after it ended. The actress never found out that she was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR and, without regaining consciousness, died on November 8, 1987 at the age of 66 years. She was buried in Moscow, at the 18th site of the Vvedensky (German) cemetery, next to her father.