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Films with the actor Yuri Soloviev

Yuri Soloviev

Actor, Art Director

SOLOVYEV YURY VASILYEVICH Honored Artist of the RSFSR (05/05/1980). He graduated from the acting faculty of VGIK (1957, workshop of Yuli Raizman), courses of television directors at the Lenfilm studio (1967, headed by Grigory Kozintsev). In the cinema - since 1955. Since 1957 - actor of the film studio "Lenfilm" and the Leningrad studio of film actor, from 1976-1993 - actor of the Theater-Studio of the film actor at the studio of Lenfilm. He put on the television film “Blasters” and the short film “Where are you, Lyubov Dunyashova?” According to the story of Vladimir Tendryakov (entered in the film-almanacs “The Worldly Work”). He collaborated with the literary and art magazine "Aurora", was a member of its editorial board. The books by Yu. Solovyov “Knots for Memories”, “One Life Is Not Enough” were published