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Films with the actor Andrey Popov

Andrey Popov


Andrei Alekseevich Popov (1918–1983) - Soviet theater and film actor, theater director, winner of the Stalin Prize (1950), People’s Artist of the USSR (1965) Andrei Popov was born on April 12, 1918 in Kostroma, in the family of theater director Aleksey Dmitrievich Popov. In 1939 he graduated from the studio at the Central Theater of the Red Army (CTSA). Since 1940, the actor of the central theater of the Soviet Army, who at that time was headed by his father A. D. Popov. Over the next 23 years, Andrei Popov has appeared on the stage in many theater productions. Among his works of this time role in the performances: "Moneybox" (1945), "Broad Steppe" (1949), "Inspector" (1951), "My Friend" (1957), "Last Stop" (1957), "Drummer" (1959), "Yakov Bogomolov" ( 1962), The Ocean (1961). In 1960, Aleksei Dmitrievich Popov was forced to resign from the post of chief director of the theater to retire, led to a number of differences with the governing bodies of the Main Political Department, which was subordinate to the theater. A year later, Alexey Dmitrievich died. In 1961-63, the duties of the main director were performed by A. L. Dunaev, and then the theater was headed by Andrei Alekseevich Popov. Andrei Popov led CTSA until 1974. At that time, he continued to go on stage (“The Light of a Distant Star” (1964), “Difficult Years” (1966)), and also staged his own performances: “Pebbles on the palm” of A. Salynsky, “The Brandenburg Gate” by M. Svetlov, “The Unknown Soldier” by A. Rybakov is, in the opinion of critics, good, but very modest works. Among his productions were also musical ones: the heroic comedy “Rinaldo Goes to Battle” (play by Gorinea and Giovannini, music by D. Modugno) and the fairy tale “Soldier and Eve” (play by E. Borisova, music by A. Ostrovsky, joint production with A. Muatom) - precisely in the genre of the musical performance, Andrei Popov managed to express himself as a theater director.