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    Films with the actor Nikolay Otto

    Nikolay Otto


    PAVLOVSKY NIKOLAY IVANOVICH Niki Otto NICHOLAS OTTO Artist of the original genre, director, playwright. In 1933 he graduated from the Circus Art College, in 1946 - scenario courses. He first appeared on the scene as part of the children's team "Blue Blouse" (1925). Together with his brothers S. and V. Kashtelyan, in 1929, they produced a variety-circus program consisting of numbers from the original genre. Performers demonstrated elements of acrobatics, illusions, musical eccentrics and conversational reprises. From 1930 he worked under the pseudonym Otto. Together with Sergey Kashtelyan (1910-1995), they joined the troupe of the Moscow Music Hall as a duet of eccentric acrobats who participated in the performances of “How the 14th Division went to heaven” (1932), “Variety Artists” (1933), “Under the dome of the circus "(1934). The duet "Otto and Kashtelyan" was based on the contrast of the appearance and characters of the characters, masterly possession of tricks, a sharp change in the rhythmic pattern, which gave an eccentric color to their numbers. After the closing of the music hall (1936) with a partner Anna Dubashova, they created an illusionary eccentric scene "In the restaurant", in which they demonstrated tricks with coins, cards, and handkerchiefs. In 1938 - at the Moscow Theater of Variety and Miniatures, participated in many comedic scenes, worked with various partners, including R. Zelenaya. In the same year he joined the USSR State Jazz Program under the direction of V.N. Knushevitsky, demonstrated an eccentric solo number "Conductor-Loser". In 1941 he prepared the publicistic number “Those we beat” (directed by F. Kaverin), where he acted in masks of historical characters - Karl XII, Napoleon, Wrangel, Japanese, Makhno. The stage was decided in the eccentric pantomime genre in conjunction with transformation. In 1941 he moved to the theater "Yastrebok" (director DG Gutman). In the program “Motherland, darling!” Nikolay Pavlovsky - the author and the director of his numbers - showed the English Anti-Aircraft Guns eccentric and other numbers. The program "Wind of May" (1942) - the eccentric "Arena of Europe", where he played four characters: Antonescu, Laval, Mussolini, Hitler. “What Pavlovsky does on stage is reminiscent of the work of Kukryniks, B. Yefimov, and Yu. Ganfa,” wrote E. Bermont. - He has a clever and evil talent. His caricatures (...) are truly racial and merciless ”(“ Soviet Art ”, May 1942). In 1961 he created the Moscow Youth Pantomime Ensemble, which he led until 1969. He performed solo pantomimes “Sculptor”, “Court”, etc. He composed and put on group pantomimes - small performances “Fly, Pigeons!”, “Komsomolsky Patrol”, “Burning Heart of Danko”, “Charlie Leaves America”, “The Bronze Horseman” according to A.S. Pushkin and others. He starred in a number of movies, including: “Jolly Fellows” and “Circus” (directed by G.V. Alexandrov). In collaboration with R. Kolomiets wrote and published the play "Alley of Happiness" and "The Third Extra" (1961). Since 1969 he has been directing the original genre numbers and bringing up entertainers, including magicians. He worked at VTMEI. Among his students: A.V. Ekimov, S.Ya. Inshin, A. Garifullin, A. Andreev, A. Karpenko, V. Pasynkov, G. Dmitrieva and others.