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Films with the actor Igor Ugolnikov

Igor Ugolnikov

Actor, Producer

In 1984 he graduated from the State Institute of Theatrical Art (directing faculty and acting faculty). After the institute he worked in Moscow theaters as an actor and director. From 1984-1988 in the theater. Gogol played in the performances: "And this fell out of the nest" ("Flight over the Cuckoo's Nest") by D. Wasserman, "The Decameron" by D. Boccaccio, "The Coast" by Y. Bondarev, and others. From 1990-1992 in the Moscow Kabare theater " The Bat "in the play:" Reading a New Play "by Gr. Gurvich From 1988 to 1990 - in the theater in the" South-West "in the play" Inspector "as Khlestakov. From 1991 to 1992, in the creative association "ATV" released the TV program "Both-on!", Which the critics marked as "an event on television." In 1992 he won the First Golden Ostap Award, awarded for the highest achievements in the genre of satire and humor. From 1992 to 1995 - the TV program "Corner of the Show", which invariably had a high rating for three years. In 1994 he was awarded the prize "Ovation" for the best television program. Since 1996, took 48 serial project "Doctor Corner". The series is recognized as one of the best on the NTV channel. In 1996, the book “Ob-na!” Was published, which included stories, scripts and television plays written by Igor Ugolnikov. At the same time a disc came out with songs performed by him that sounded in the programs he had previously created. Since 1996 - Deputy Director of the Television Broadcasting Directorate of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. 1996 - as a producer he created the talk show "V.I.P.- Particularly Important Persons", which has no analogues in the world. 1997-1998 - stage director and presenter of the daily entertainment talk show "Good Evening", which had no analogues on domestic television. 1998 - scriptwriter and director of the television music film "This is not serious." Since 1999 - Vice-President of the Russian Culture Fund. Chairman of the Broadcasting Organization of the Union State.