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Brian Elder


Brian Elder was born in New London, Connecticut. His father was in the navy, which led them to move to Virginia, two years after Brian was born. They lived in Hampton, Virginia for a few years before moving to Gloucester, Virginia where Brian and his two siblings were raised. At five years old, he would insist on singing to his family every night before they all went to bed and would reenact what he saw on TV during the commercials, when the family would be watching TV together. It wasn't till he was nine that Brian discovered his love for music and the entertainment world and quickly realized that this is what he wanted to do. He picked up a guitar when he was ten and started teaching himself to play. He wrote his first complete song when he was twelve. During his school years, he would perform in talent shows, battle of the bands competitions and play any show that he could for the opportunity to be on stage. He fronted the band Splint as well as a few different bands, recorded some of his originals and was even on the bill with national acts such as Papa Roach, Bret Michaels and 3 Days Grace among others. In 2006, Brian was signed to a small indie label, Blue River Music, as a solo artist for two years. After the two-year contract, he once again went back to the band scene, fronting another band, Standing Ground and after a few years, went back to performing under his own name. Brian dabbled in acting from time to time but was mainly focused on pursuing his career in music. In 2011, he went out for a background part in a short film being shot in Richmond, Virginia and met some fellow actors that he became friends with and started networking the scene. While still highly focused on music, he got a random call in October of 2011 to be fitted for background work on the film, To Have and To Hold that was being filmed in the Williamsburg area of Virginia. While on set, he met some new friends that told him about other film work in the area that he should go out for. A week later, Brian was working as background on the Spielberg film, Lincoln, which was being filmed in the Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia areas. After that, he was hooked. Since the start of his acting addiction in 2011, Brian has been involved in TV shows and film work such as "Alaska: Ice Cold Killers - Frozen Terror" on Discovery Channel as a lead role, the Auctioneer for the PBS show, "The American Experience: The Abolitionists", Jason Dawson on an episode of "FBI: Criminal Pursuit", as well as other TV shows and films. Brian has recently moved from Virginia to Austin, Texas where he resides, while he pursues both music and acting.