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Films with the actor Anna softness

Anna softness


Anna Mikhailovna Komolova (1911–2001) - Soviet theater and film actress. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1948). Received wide fame due to the performance of the title role in the film "Shumi-town" (1939). Winner of the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1951). Born on January 31, 1911 in the village of Khvostovo (Moscow Region). From 1918 she studied at the 18th labor school in Moscow, then at the Lunacharsky Choreographic School. After graduating from college, she danced first at the Moscow Music Hall, then at the Moscow Drama Ballet at the State Association of Music, Variety and Circus (GOMETS), but due to heart complications that arose after suffering a sore throat, she was forced to interrupt her dance career and became a dramatic actress . In the years 1932-1933 she performed on the stage of the Children's Theater. In 1933-1979 - Actress of the USSR Art Theater named after Gorky. Until the end of her life at the Moscow Art Theater named after A. Chekhov, she played the role of Stragi in the play “The Tattooed Rose”, staged by R. G. Viktyuk in 1982 based on the play by T. Williams of the same name. She starred in movies, voiced cartoons. She taught at the Moscow Art Theater School. Died on May 13, 2001 from pneumonia. She was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery (station number 6). Husband - People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Ershov (1896-1964).