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Films with the actor Victor Trigubovich

Victor Trigubovich

Director, Producer, Actor

Victor Tregubovich was born on November 30, 1935 in the village of Sakhalin (now part of the village of Yuryevka), the fourth child in a simple working-peasant family of Ivan Stepanovich and Ekaterina Grigoryevna Tregubovich. Father worked as chairman of the collective farm. Kalinina in the village next door, her mother was a housewife. Victor grew up in the city of Bogotol (Krasnoyarsk Territory). From childhood he was fond of cinema, took an active part in theater productions at the Palace of Railwaymen. He dreamed of becoming an actor, however, after graduating from school in 1953, he was forced to submit documents to the Prokopyevsky Mining College because of the difficult financial situation his family was in. A year later, he achieved enlistment in the army, where he soon became the director of the soldier’s theater. At the end of the service, he returned to Bogotol and got a job as an instructor in the Komsomol district committee, but in 1958 he left for Moscow and entered the directing department at VGIK. He studied at the workshop of Mikhail Romm. In the hostel he shared a room with Vasily Shukshin, who became his close friend. In 1963 he graduated from the institute with a gold medal. From 1964 until the end of his life he worked as a director at the Lenfilm film studio. In 1965, his first full-length film “Sultry July” was released. During his bright but short life, he made fifteen films: comedies and melodramas, historical and modern, epic and military, journalistic and acutely social. To many of them, he wrote scripts. Also acted as an actor in both his paintings and in the paintings of colleagues. In 1984, Tregubovich became the artistic director of the Second Creative Association of the Lenfilm Film Studio. Since 1990, he was the head of his own film studio "Ladoga". September 20, 1992 Viktor Tregubovich fell from a stepladder in his summer house near St. Petersburg and received an open fracture of his arm. The next day, he unexpectedly died, being anesthetized during the operation, presumably due to a medical error. He was buried at Komarovsky cemetery near St. Petersburg.