"A Haunting in Venice" on SWEET.TV: find out the interesting facts and watch it online at home and on the go

"A Haunting in Venice" on SWEET.TV: find out the interesting facts and watch it online at home and on the go

"The best time to plan a book is when you are washing dishes," once noted the queen of detectives, Agatha Christie. Detectives are one of the favorite genres among viewers. And if some mystical is added to a criminal story, it takes the movie to a new level. So, turn on the Kenneth Branagh movie «A Haunting in Venice» online on SWEET.TV, in which Poirot has to investigate a crime that involves the world of spirits.

🎃One of the incredible Agatha Christie’s detective puzzles is the novel "Hallowe'en Party," which was adapted into the film " A Haunting in Venice." “Hallowe'en Party" was first published in 1969. Modern reviews note that this is a "novel that leaves an unforgettable impression on readers" (Mark Aldridge, Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Greatest Detective in the World).

🔥What the film " A Haunting in Venice " is about
  • Poiro lives in Venice. On Halloween, writer Ariadne Oliver convinces Poirot to participate in a séance to expose the medium Joyce Reynolds as a fraud. It seemed like a simple task – after all, Poirot easily unraveled all of the madam's tricks. But everything changes with a murder – Joyce Reynolds is found dead. Poirot during of investigation begins to see ghosts. What terrible secret is hidden within the walls of the ancient palazzo? And who and why killed the "medium"? The answers, as typical for Christie's works, will be unexpected and shocking.
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Interesting facts about the film
  • 👻Sir Kenneth Branagh is the 15th actor to portray Hercule Poirot on screen, excluding parodies and/or works not written by Christie. And the second Irish actor in this role.
  • 👻"A Haunting in Venice " received more positive reviews from critics than the previous two films: “Death on the Nile” (2022) and “Murder on the Orient Express” (2017)
  • 👻One of the secrets of convincing acting in the film is the tricks used by director Kenneth Branagh. He did not inform the actors about certain script features: turning off lights, creaking doors, the howling wind, etc. Therefore, the reaction to such sound effects on screen is natural. Kelly Reilly, who played Rowena Drake, admitted that shooting the séance scene was terrifying for her: " It scared the bejesus out of me"
  • 👻Michelle Yeoh turned down the film "The Electric State" to play in this detective story.
  • 👻An interesting nuance is related to Tina Fey and her character Ariadne Oliver. Ariadne tells Poirot that she met him in the case of the murder on Canning Street. In the comedy-detective series "Murder in One Building," Tina Fey plays a character named Canning.
  • 👻"A Haunting in Venice " was released in the USA on September 15, 2023 – on Agatha Christie's 133rd anniversary.
  • 👻This is one of the shortest Poirot films – 103 minutes. The last place in duration is taken by "Appointment with Death" (1988) – 102 minutes.
  • 👻Another interesting fact about the films in the series. An implicit element is present in each film – the works of Charles Dickens. In the first film, Poirot reads "A Tale of Two Cities," in the second – "The Mystery of Edwin Drood." In the third film, Poirot suggests Leopold Ferrier to read Dickens.

So, who is the killer? Find out — watch "A Haunting in Venice " online now on TV set, smartphone, PC, or tablet in the best quality.