1 Subscription for 4 Addresses: Savings on Television for the Family, No Matter Where You Live

1 Subscription for 4 Addresses: Savings on Television for the Family, No Matter Where You Live

SWEET.TV platform provides access to a wide array of TV and movies, setting itself apart by eliminating subscription connection limitations. With a SWEET.TV subscription, a family can concurrently subscribe to 4 different addresses, making it not only convenient but also cost-effective.

Connecting SWEET.TV to 4 addresses is effortless — no additional contracts, no hurdles. And most importantly, no extra charges.
  • For cities and countryside. Typically, to watch TV in the country house is needed to buy antennas or new subscriptions. Not with SWEET.TV. Accessing SWEET.TV at your countryside residence only requires logging in on your TV, similar to your initial registration. SWEET.TV is seamlessly available both in urban apartments and country houses.

Instructions on how to connect SWEET.TV to your TV

  • For Parents and Extended Family. Do your parents reside separately? Share your SWEET.TV subscription with them. It's a cost-saving move for them as they won't incur TV charges, and for you, it comes at no extra expense. The price for connecting 4 TVs at different addresses remains the same as for 1 TV.

  • For Diverse Locations in the Country. The address holds no bearing for SWEET.TV connection — the platform functions anywhere via the internet. So, if you desire to link SWEET.TV across various parts of the country, go ahead. No surcharges, no additional agreements.

  • For Renters. Managing your SWEET.TV subscription is straightforward. Simply activate or deactivate it via your Profile. It's hassle-free: connect when you move in, disconnect when you move out.
Advantages of 4 Addresses for 1 Subscription:
  1. No location limitations — connect from any corner of the country where internet access is available.
  2. No extra charges.
  3. No additional contractual commitments.
  4. Easily manage connections through the SWEET.TV Profile — connect and disconnect effortlessly.
How to Connect Your TV:
  1. 1Open the SWEET.TV app on your TV (downloadable from the app store).
  2. Choose a login method or log in log in the way you did the first time.
  3. Enjoy your viewing experience.
  4. Repeat these steps on TVs at other addresses. Be sure to choose the login method that you used during registration! Or select "Sign in via smartphone" on the TV and enter the code that appears on the TV in the app (Profile - Watch on TV).

How to Disconnect Your TV:
  1. Log in to your SWEET.TV account via the website.
  2. Click Profile in the upper right corner
  3. Click the tab "My devices".
  4. Select the device you wish to disconnect and click "Sing out."
SWEET.TV presents an excellent opportunity for families to save on television expenses. With just 1 subscription, you can connect to 4 different addresses simultaneously. Alternatively, utilize the option to connect SWEET.TV across 4 different devices — living room TV, kitchen TV, smartphones. Take advantage of this opportunity. After all, it's all at no extra charge.

*Note: 4 addresses refer to 4 TV sets connected to SWEET.TV at various locations.