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Drama is a special genre in the film industry, which is distinguished by the presence in its plot of complex conflicts, difficult in psychological or life terms. Usually the main character is experiencing a number of difficulties and problems, trying to cope with them in different ways. The main difference from the tragedy is that the ending of such a movie is not always bad. New movie dramas are not built on special effects, entertainment or sharp plot twists, but on human experiences. The drama film is a serious genre, therefore, it does not attract all viewers.

Drama and its subgenres

A Russian or foreign drama film is considered a bit vague. It may include other categories that are specific. That is why there are several subgenres that have their own characteristics:

  • military - action films about the war, which are often shot on real events, terrible time and the life of a person in it are described in such tapes without embellishment (for example, «Iron Knight», «Dear John»);
  • comedic - when dramatic events are closely intertwined with funny moments, the end of the film is usually positive («Visiting Alice», «How to marry a bachelor»);
  • psychological or dramatic thrillers - such films attract with their tension, the viewer does not fully understand what denouement awaits him («Blackbird», «Doctor sleep»);
  • documentary and historical - the plot unfolds around an important historical event («For reasons of conscience», «War horse»);
  • melodrama - a film about love and loss, the plot is built around two or more people, describing their feelings and feelings («Steven Hawking Universe», «Give me life»);
  • detective stories describe murders and other crimes that have affected a person’s fate («Shepherd's Diary», «The disgusting figure eight»);
  • fantastic - often the plot unfolds in a future or magical (fictional) world («Snow White», «Eve: artificial intelligence»);
  • adventure - usually all events take place in exotic countries, on travel or on the road («On the road», «Friends from France»);
  • musicals - there are a lot of songs and music in films («33 postcards»).

The drama is always in suspense, so this genre is most suitable for those who like to experience complex emotions, want to tickle their nerves.

Movie drama: top list of the best

Not everyone likes dramatic films, but we are sure that this selection will help you to fully immerse yourself in watching wonderful films and get a lot of pleasure:

  • «Green Mile» (1999) - Prisoner John Coffrey is distinguished by his enormous growth and serenity, he arrives at the death row block after a serious crime;
  • «Million Dollar Baby» (2004) - the story of the girl Maggie, who dreamed of becoming a professional boxer, and the trainer Frank, who is afraid to get attached to someone;
  • «Prestige» (2006) - the film tells about magicians-illusionists who at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries competed among themselves in London;
  • «1+1» (2011) - the rich Frenchman Philip is confined to a wheelchair and completely lost his taste for life, a black guy from the suburbs gets a job for him, after which his days become not so gray;
  • «Interstellar» (2014) - in the future, the Earth is gradually dying from drought, a small group of scientists goes into space to find a new home for humanity.

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