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An action movie or action movie is a special genre in cinema, where the main attention is paid to fights, shootings, chases. Due to complex stunt tricks and special effects, such films usually have a large budget. Despite the fact that action films are not too complex plot, their popularity is constantly growing. As a rule, the main character will face the enemy (these may be criminals, terrorists, killers). To end the problem, he has to resort to violence.

Any popular action movie ends with the main enemy being defeated (killed or, more rarely, arrested). At the same time, during the entire tape the hero kills a lot of bad guys. In this genre, the plot is often oversaturated with various events so that the viewer is not bored. Action movies are box office movies that collect large amounts at the box office. Sometimes they are mixed with various genres (fiction, fantasy, comedy, crime).

Action and its subgenres

Such a movie is overly popular among all age categories of viewers. This can be explained not only by its entertainment, but also by the fact that a cool action movie, which you want to watch again and again, is usually intertwined with other subgenres:

  • adventure - usually the main character travels in an exotic area and encounters enemies defeated by weapons in fights (for example, «Flynn's Gold», «Extraordinary adventures of Adele»);
  • comedy - action films with special playful scenes that help defuse the atmosphere («Undercover agent», «Killer bodyguard», «Kick»);
  • criminal - shots, explosions, fights that occur between criminal authorities and police (for example, «Raider Boys»);
  • drama - films that combine various events and drama («Pompeii», «The car»);
  • horrors - action movies with horror elements («The colony»);
  • thrillers - usually distinguished by cool shootings of fights, explosions and shootings («Illusion of deception», «Jason bourne»);
  • disaster films - in the center of the plot is a natural cataclysm that forces the main characters to do things unusual for themselves («Geostorm);
  • spyware - the main character is always a spy («Tomorrow never dies», «Casino Royale»).

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Action genre: list of the coolest films on Sweet.TV

To make viewing a pleasant pastime, we suggest you pay attention to the top action movies of all time:

  • «Terminator 2: Doomsday» (1991) - the war between humans and robots continues, but resistance has a new leader, John Connor;
  • «Start» (2010) - Cobb is the best thief who can influence a person’s subconscious mind during sleep, but he has his secret secrets;
  • «Remember all» (1990) - a simple hard worker Doug lives a boring and monotonous life, so he decides to use the services of a company that helps create the illusion that you are a different person;
  • «Hancock» (2008) - a kind of superhero who does not want to be him at all, he just wants to understand where he came from and whether he has a family;
  • «The fifth Element» (1997) - the famous film of Luc Besson about the distant future when dark forces want to destroy the Earth.

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