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Films with the actor Oleg Garkusha

Oleg Garkusha


Oleg Alekseevich Garkusha (February 23, 1961, Leningrad) - Soviet and Russian musician, singer and TV host, showman, member of the group "Auktsion". The author of texts and the executor, the poet, the actor. In 1980 he graduated from the Leningrad Film College. For some time after graduating from the technical school he worked as a projectionist in the Sovremennik and Titan cinemas. According to Garkusha himself, on the stage he got by accident. In 1985 he was asked to sing a couple of phrases of a song, verses to which he wrote. He sang, everyone liked it. So he became a participant of "Auktsion". After his arrival in the team, the image of "Auktsiona" radically changed. The band's performances turned into eccentric shows with a buffoonery. A distinctive feature of these shows was the character and recognizability of each character. Especially good was Garkusha in the role of unruly, eccentric punk - "red clown", galloping on stage. In the group "Auktsion" Garkusha was not only a showman and a vocalist, but also an author of lyrics, along with the poet and musician Dmitry Ozersky. Only if Ozersky wrote the texts to Fedorov's compositions (according to the principle of the libretto), then Garkusha brought his own poems to which the music was then written. The well-known songs of "Auktsyon", laid on the verses of Garkusha, are "Money is paper", "Wolf," "Airplane", "Pioneer" and "Bird" written by Garkusha in 1991 in the days of the August putsch. Album "Ass" of 1990 consists almost entirely of songs on Oleg's poetry. Oleg Garkusha played in the films: "The Burglar" (1987), "The Presumption of Innocence" (1988), "Khrustalev, the car!" (1998), "I Want" (2012). Garkusha also played the role of the Crocodile in the staging of "The Stolen Sun" by the "KS" group. In 1991 he participated in the concert "Rock Against Terror". At one time, Garkusha tried his hand at becoming a public figure when he headed the "Youth-Public Committee for the preparation of the 300th anniversary of the city". Garkusha conducts a weekly program on the night air of Petersburg television. Another sphere of Oleg's activity is work in the club "Garkundel", which was located in the cinema "Spartak". One of the organizers of the festival "Windows Open!". Oleg Garkusha is the author of several collections of poems. The first, "The Boy as a Boy", was released in 2001. Also, the rock musician released the second book of poems - "The Crow".