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Films with the actor Andrey Alyoshin

Andrey Alyoshin


In 1983, he graduated from GITIS (workshop of I. M. Tumanov, B. G. Golubovsky) with a degree in Actor's Art. In 1991 he emigrated to the United States. Now she lives in Providence (Rhode Island). Andrei Alyoshin told the American journalist Xenia Larina, with whom he studied at GITIS, about the American period of his life: “He left to make a movie ... but he stayed. He just wasn’t ... He worked for Paul Newman in the organization of helping children with serious oncological diseases. He earned a living in a hotel as a waiter. He organized the construction of a public television station in the forests of Maine ... then, for four years, he regularly performed the role of station superintendent of this station. He filmed documentaries ... He was treated with attention and little glory ... Then he spat on everything and ... went into fatherhood. Three kids. 23, 17, 10. Francesca and Thomas, from his wife's first marriage. Younger, Anna, flesh and blood. Now I am a photographer. When I have time and money, I wind around the world ... I meet people ... I study customs and traditions (as far as abilities are possible) ... I catch moments of beauty (truth). Photography for me is like a Japanese tank ... a story about big, minimal means. ”