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Films with the actor Sergey Yursky

Sergey Yursky


Sergey Yuryevich Yursky was born on March 16, 1935 in Leningrad to the family of Yuri Sergeyevich Yursky (Zhikharev), who was the artistic director of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and directed Lenconcert. There is a widespread misconception that Jurassic is the pseudonym of Sergei Yuryevich. In fact, this is the pseudonym of his father - a nobleman Yuri Sergeyevich Zhikharev, taken by him in his early youth during performances in gymnasium performances and being a simple derivative on his behalf - Yuri. Mother - Yevgenia Mikhailovna Yurskaya-Romanova (1902-1971) - was a music teacher. He graduated from high school with a gold medal. I entered without exams and studied at the Law Faculty of the Leningrad University named after A. Zhdanov. During his studies at the university, he participated in the productions of the Theater-Studio of the Leningrad State University under the guidance of the actress and teacher Yevgenia Karpova. In 1955, after the 3rd year of law school, he entered the acting department of the Leningrad Theatrical Institute named after A. N. Ostrovsky (Leonid Makariev course). After graduating from the 2nd course, in 1957, Sergey Yursky was invited to the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after M. Gorky. From the mid-1960s, he was one of the leading actors of the Tovstonogov troupe; among the best roles are Chatsky, Tuzenbach, Aesop in Fox and Grapes by G. Figueiredo, Professor Polezhaev in Restless Old Age L. Rakhmanov. Here Sergei Yursky made his debut as a director, staging in 1974 the play "Moliere" after M. Bulgakov. The actor was widely known for playing the role of Vikniksor in the film Gennady Poloka “The Republic of ShKID” (1966) and Ostap Bender in “The Golden Calf” (1968) by Mikhail Schweitzer. He acted as a reader with programs (a total of fifteen) of classical and modern authors. In 1978, Sergey Yursky moved to Moscow and became an actor, and subsequently a director of the Moscow City Theater. Since 1991, he has simultaneously played and staged performances on the stage of the School of Modern Play Theater. The story "Chernov", written by him in the mid-1970s, became the literary basis of the directorial film debut in 1990 ("Chernov / Chernov"). Since 1996 he has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the St. Philaret Orthodox Christian Institute. In 2011 he became the winner of the “Star of Theater” award. Sergey Yursky was the author of several books of prose and plays written under the pseudonym Vatsetis. He died early in the morning on February 8, 2019 in Moscow at the hospital at the age of 83. The reason for the death of his daughter Daria called cardiac arrest after a long illness. A civil memorial service will be held on February 11 at the Mossovet Theater. The funeral will be held at the Troyekurovsky cemetery.