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Films with the actor Alexander Lavrov

Alexander Lavrov

Art Director

Alexander Sergeevich Lavrov was born on August 11, 1929 in Moscow. His father, Sergey Sergeevich Gorodetsky (1902-1978), was a doctor of technical sciences, a professor, a leading employee of the Research Institute of the cable industry. Alexander Sergeyevich Lavrov graduated from the Moscow Law Institute in 1955 and until the beginning of the 1970s worked in the investigative bodies of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Interest in literature appeared to Alexander Sergeevich in his student years. During his studies at the institute, he regularly attended a literary seminar, where students wrote detective stories and essays. In the future, the same circle was visited by well-known writers and screenwriters Friedrich Neznansky and Helium Ryabov at the same time as Alexander Lavrov. Since the 1960s, Lavrov and his wife have been increasingly involved in literary and journalistic activities. The first works of the conjugal couple were the documentaries “Petrovka 38” and “Particularly Dangerous”, filmed on the activities of the police, as well as a series of journalistic works in the spirit of socialist education. The book “Youth Operational” tells about the importance of the work of the Komsomol squads for the protection of public order, the brochure “PE - Parasite!” About combating parasitism, and the book “To not commit a crime”, “Comrade child”, “Raising feelings” and “You, Your child and the world around you ”were addressed to parents to help raise their children. In 1965 the first art collection of stories “Soldiers in blue overcoats” was published. In the matrimonial tandem, Alexander Sergeevich served as a generator of detective ideas, often associated with real criminal cases from practice, and Olga Aleksandrovna, who graduated from the editorial department of the Polygraphic Institute, literally designed the outlined plots.