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Films with the actor Rostislav Plyatt

Rostislav Plyatt


Born on November 30 (December 13), 1908 in Rostov-on-Don. The father is a well-known Rostov lawyer, Ivan Iosifovich Plyat, by origin a “Pole, the truth is strongly Russified”. Mother - Zinaida Ivanovna Zakamennaya - Ukrainian, originally from Poltava. When Rostislav was born, the mother was already sick with pulmonary tuberculosis and therefore the family moved to Kislovodsk, to a milder climate. But after 8 years, the mother died and in 1916 they returned to Moscow. A few years later my father got married a second time, Rostislav had a stepbrother. My father successfully developed advocacy. Among his clients were theater workers, actors, directors. So young Rostislav got acquainted with the theatrical environment, and then became interested in the theater so seriously that he began to go to the performances not just as a spectator, but also to analyze the actors' play, to develop the staged solutions of the performances. He was very passionate about the Moscow Art Theater, the Stanislavsky system. When the time came to get a passport, when writing my data I changed them to more harmonious ones (as he thought): from Rostislav Ivanovich Plyat to Rostislav Yanovich Plyatt. In 1926 he graduated from the Moscow nine-year school MONO № 9 named. T. Edison, where the drama club was directed by V. F. Lebedev, a famous actor of the Maly Theater. In the same year he entered the drama studio Mososprabra under the direction of Yu.A. Zavadsky, a year later, reorganized into the Theater Studio, where he played until 1936. In 1936, together with the theater he moved to Rostov-on-Don, where he worked at the Drama Theater. M. Gorky. After returning to Moscow in 1938-1941 - actor of the Lenin Komsomol Theater. With the beginning of the war from Moscow did not go anywhere. This period was described in his memoirs "Without an epilogue": difficulties and constant bombing. When the siren “air raid” sounded, I hurried to the radio studio where I was working at that time. One day, once in the bombing, miraculously survived from a shell exploded nearby, but he suffered a leg injury for the rest of his life. Gradually, the actors from different theaters remaining in Moscow came together and created the Moscow Drama Theater (now the Moscow Mayakovsky Academic Theater). In it, the plays of K. M. Simonov were staged. In these military front-line plays for the first time he proved himself to be a master of the psychological game. In 1943 he moved to the Mossovet Theater, where he served until the end of his days. He began his work in cinema in 1939. One of the first roles - a bachelor in the movie "Foundling". The popularity of the actor was based not only on a number of stage and screen works, but also on the human qualities of the artist, who became the embodiment of intelligence. He created many memorable works on the radio, participated in the dubbing of films, the sound of cartoons. Y.G. Turyleva in her interview recalled that she had learned a lot by working with him. He performed in concerts, at jubilee and creative evenings, meetings with the audience. In the 1970s, a series of programs on Bernard Shaw (“The Bernard Shaw Theater”) was prepared on television, in which B. Shaw (R. Plyatt) spoke with a Literary Theorist (A. Anikst). The creativity of the actor is distinguished by intellectualism, the gift of inner reincarnation, irony, deep charm