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Films with the actor George Tusuzov

George Tusuzov


Born in the family of a merchant of the 1st guild. In those years (the beginning of the 20th century), in order to enter a higher educational institution, it was necessary to go through the procedure of exclusion from the guild of merchants. Egor, as a younger son, could not inherit his father's business, was expelled from the merchants ’guild and entered the university. Having gone to Moscow, George could not contain his mother Vera (Grandma Verochka - according to the memoirs of relatives). Then George Baronovich left the house belonging to him (George) to his elder brother Mikhail with the condition that he would support his mother. After graduating from the law faculty of Moscow University in 1915, he worked as an assistant attorney, and then as a lawyer, combating vagrancy and theft, but still being a university student, he was already on the scene. In the first years of Soviet power there was a trade union of thieves. George was elected chairman of this union. In Rostov, where Tusuzov worked, he joined the troupe of the Theater Workshop, met and became friends with Yevgeny Schwarz, and later went to Moscow, where he successfully performed on the stage of the Nyrdai tavern as an entertainer. Since 1924, he worked in the theater "Blue Blouse". On January 1, 1934, George Tusuzov came to the Theater of Satire and became the legendary actor of this theater, the “king of the episode”. During his life, he did not play a single leading role, although, according to his own calculations, over 2,800 roles would be recruited in his acting biography. He loved wordless roles and everything played brilliantly. Although many starred in the movie, but also mostly only in episodes. Georgy Tusuzov was rightfully considered the King of the episode. By the end of his life, the actor counted 2,847 roles played throughout his life. When Leonid Osipovich Utyosov asked him: “Yegor, what is the secret of your longevity?” - Tusuzov, with his usual sense of humor, answered: “I didn’t tell anyone, I’ll reveal to you. There are three secrets: I have never played sports, have not eaten homemade food and have not been officially married! ” Once, the main director of the Moscow Satire Theater, Valentin Pluchek, said of the actor as follows: “If Tusuzov did not exist, he would have to be invented”. The longevity of Tusuzov served as a pretext for the jokes that walked among the actors of the Satire Theater: “There are two elders in the theater - Egorushka Tusuzov and Georgy Menglet. What Menglet does not remember, always reminds Tusuzov. Menglet does not remember what Tusuz does not remember. ” Anatoly Papanov said: “It's not scary to die. It is terrible if Yegorushka will stand over your coffin in the guard of honor. ” In the last year of life, Tusuzov’s legs refused. It happened at the service entrance of the theater. He was placed in the House of Veterans of the scene. He could no longer work. Georgy Baronovich Tusuzov died on February 2, 1986. He was buried at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.