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Alexander Piskunov


Alexander Volodymyrovych Piskunov (December 31, 1991, Nikopol) is a Ukrainian actor of theater and cinema. In school years, from 2 to 11 classes, I was engaged in a dramgurst (head Tamara Nikolayevna Surikova). So when the question arose in which to choose, choose the faculty of acting KNUTKiT them. Karpenko-Kariy, course of Dmitry Bogomazov, graduated in 2015. Even during his studies, Sasha noticed the artistic director of the Kyiv drama and comedy theater on the left bank of the Dnieper Eduard Mitnitsky and offered him the role of Tony in his play "It ended the summer ...", and after the completion of the KNUTKiT them. Karpenko-Kariy - to join the troupe of the theater [2]. Alexander believes that he took place as a theatrical actor thanks to three theatrical figures - the professor of acting skills KNUTKiT Anatoliy Yashchenko, directing director Dmitry Bogomazov, at the course of which Sasha studied and played in the first production after the release and the artistic director of the Theater on the left bank of Edward Mitnitsky. Has been playing sports since childhood. Has a sports degree in athletics. Having set itself the goal of mastering martial arts. Musically gifted. Has the ability to dance, vocal, music. Since school years, he began to study piano on his own, with the availability of free time, continues his studies. Recently I started taking lessons of playing the Armenian musical instrument Duduki. Learn to play saxophone. For the role of Valeryk in the movie "Kruti 1918" asked a partner in the film - actor Maxim Donets to teach him the game on the guitar. Singing and dancing actor. He plays dramatic roles, but dreams of a comedy.

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