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Films with the actor Taras Tkachenko

Taras Tkachenko

Director, Music, Actor

Taras Tkachenko - Ukrainian director and screenwriter. Born in 1975. The film debuted short in short "Tragic love for the treacherous Nuska" (2004). This film won wins at the Open Night Festivals, Kinolitopys, Saint Anna and others. Graduated from Kyiv National University. Shevchenko (Ukrainian Philology) and KIDIT them. Karpenko-Karyi (department of cinematography and television, department of directing the feature film). Together with a classmate Taras Tomenko worked on films "Dropped Land" (2001-2004) and "Lisa" (2006). In 2004 - worked on a 3-series documentary television film "Ivan Mykolaychuk. The Book of Life." He teaches at the Faculty of Cinematography and Television at the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television named after Karpenko-Karyi in the workshop of Boris Savchenko. Films, documentaries. Among other works in the cinema, such films as "Provo on Hope" (TV, 2008), "Dog Waltz" (2011, short), "Lovers in Kyiv" (2011).

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