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Films with the actor Maxim Averin

Maxim Averin


He was born on November 26, 1975 in Moscow. Maxim's father worked at Mosfilm as an artist-decorator. At the age of six, Maxim made his debut on the silver screen. His father took him on a film expedition to Makhachkala, where the film “The Adventures of Count Nevzorov” was shot. There the boy was entrusted with a cameo role. In that episode, close-ups were shot as Maxim danced. At the age of nine, Maxim already played in the Theater of Miniatures, in the play “The Brandenburg Gate”, and at the same time he studied acting in a theater studio at the Cinema House. In 1997 he graduated with honors from the Higher Theater School of. B. V. Shchukin at the State Academic Theater. E. B. Vakhtangov. Played in the Satirikon Theater for eighteen years, left the theater in July 2015. Plays in businesses, acted in films and on television.