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Films with the actor Vladimir Soshalsky

Vladimir Soshalsky


Vladimir Borisovich Soshalsky (June 14, 1929, Leningrad, USSR - October 10, 2007, Moscow, Russia) - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1988). The real name is Feodosyev. Vladimir Borisovich Soshalsky was born on June 14, 1929 in Leningrad to the family of actors Barbara Rosalion-Soshalskaya and Boris Feodosyev. Young Volodya Soshalsky made his debut on the stage by chance: having played behind the curtains of the theater, he stepped on the stage during the performance of Ivsen’s play “Ghosts”. Vladimir felt the magic of the stage and decided to become an actor. Even before graduation, he entered the studio at the Leningrad Youth Theater. In 1948 he graduated from training and worked in this theater until 1951. It was in the Leningrad Youth Theater Vladimir Soshalsky played his first star role: in the play "Romeo and Juliet" he happened to play the role of Romeo. After this role, the actor became famous, he had many fans. Soon, fame reached the Central Theater of the Soviet Army in Moscow, at that time the theater called for all young actors for urgent military service through the military registration and enlistment office, as they did with Vladimir. He moves from Leningrad to Moscow. Having started the military service in the special unit at the theater of the Soviet army (his colleague in the "unit" was Alexei Batalov), Vladimir did not part with this theater until the end of his life. From the end of August 2007, the actor was in the hospice - he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and his relatives could no longer provide proper care for the sick. He died on October 10, 2007. He was buried at the Troyekurovsky cemetery in Moscow, near the grave of his mother (station number 3). Vladimir Soshalsky had a reputation as a heartthrob. He was officially married five times, besides he had many novels. After the role of Romeo in the Leningrad Youth Theater, played in the 1950s, the young Olga Aroseva fell in love with him, who then worked in Leningrad. She became his first wife. The marriage lasted a little over a year - Soshalsky loved another. From Aroseva Soshalsky went to another actress - BDT prima Nina Olkhina. However, this marriage was short-lived. Vladimir Borisovich moved to Moscow, where he found a new love in the face of actress Ninel Podgornaya. They dispersed, Soshalsky married the actress Maria Skuratova, but a month later he destroyed the marriage and returned to Ninel, who in turn divorced her husband. Vladimir and Ninel lived in a de facto marriage, their daughter Catherine was born. And soon another appeared in his life - the popular actress Alina Pokrovskaya, with whom he worked in the theater of the Soviet army. In actual marriage with Nonna Mordyukova he lived only half a year. “I always had a rule: if I fall in love, I immediately go to my beloved woman. No throwing, no lies ... Vladimir Soshalsky. " All the former wives of Soshalsky retained the brightest memories of him. His last companion was the head of the repertoire of the Theater of the Russian Army Svetlana. In 1999, she bore him a son - Vladimir Soshalsky Jr. Soshalsky himself at that time was 70 years old.