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Films with the actor Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhova


Chekhova Anfisa Alexandrovna (born December 21, 1977 Moscow) - Russian TV presenter, singer and actress. “Good night, guys!” On the DTV channel (2009-2011). At the age of 16, when she received her passport, she changed her name, became Anfisa. Parents divorced when she was 4 years old. Father, Alexander Ivanovich Korchunov - an athlete, a businessman. At the beginning of his political career, Vladimir Zhirinovsky was his personal driver, a bodyguard, but in the early 1990s, having become disillusioned with Zhirinovsky and politics, became a Krishnaite. Anfisa's mother - Natalia Alekseevna Korchunova - speech therapist. In my childhood I changed three schools. The school of Aesthetic Education with theatrical slant No. 123 was the last. When Anfisa was 17 years old, at the request of her father she put on several plays about Krishna and Radha in the Krishna temple. Anfisa dreamed of becoming an actress, which is why she entered GITIS, but not immediately after graduation: in the first year she failed at the exams and entered only the next. She didn’t manage to finish the studies: “... during the training I decided to go through one music contest, and theatrical teachers do not like when their students start exchanging, in their opinion, on a worthless stage, well, I was expelled ...”. Subsequently, Anfisa began a musical career, speaking in the group "Mad Fireflies." Then she received an offer from the Muz-TV channel to become a TV host of one of the entertainment programs, and took advantage of it. A little later, Anfisa received an offer to work on TV-6. Since 1998, she has been leading such programs as “Looking at Night” on MUZ-TV, “Drema” on TV-6, “Cultivator” on the TV Center channel, “Star Intelligence” on M1, “Show Business” on CTC. In 2005-2009, she was the host of the “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova” program on TNT. In 2010-2011 she led the program "Good night, guys!" On the channel DTV. In 2002, Anfisa took part in the filming of the series “Theater Academy”, which was her first job as an actress. In 2008, Anfisa, after studying at the Institute of Journalism and Literary Art, received a diploma of journalist. A year later, in 2009, she was invited to the Muz-TV channel, to participate in the project “Hire a Hire”. September 11, 2009, the actress made her debut on the theater stage - staged by Andrei Noskov “Once a starry night” (play about love, with jokes, songs and dances). Actors periodically go on tour - in the spring of 2010 the tour took place in the Urals (Yekaterinburg, Pervouralsk). In 2010, Anfisa Chekhova tried herself as a radio host, having begun to host Anfisa and the King on Megapolis FM. Her co-host was the famous VJ Artem Korolev. In 2011, Anfisa participated in the Ukrainian Dancing with the Stars. In the same year, she led a reality TV show “Bach. How to get married. Since 2011, he has been holding a talk show “How to get married with Anfisa Chekhova” on the STB channel.