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Films with the actor Miloš Macourek

Miloš Macourek

Milos Matourek (czech. Miloš Macourek; December 2, 1926 - September 30, 2002) - Czech writer, storyteller, screenwriter and poet, script writer of comedy and science fiction films. The author of the fairy tale "Bonnifatsy and his nephews", which became the basis of the cartoon script "Vacation Bonnifation". Before taking up literary activity, Matsourek tried many professions. Literary creativity began as a poet, but after the first published book of poems in the early 1960s, he published several books of fairy tales, which were translated into many languages, including Russian. At the same time, Matsourek began writing screenplays. In the cinema, he formed strong creative alliances with directors Vaclav Vorlicek and Oldrich Lipsky. Permanent illustrator of Matsourek's fairy tales was the schedule of Adolf Born, with whom they created a series about the adventures of schoolchildren of Mach and Shebestova, published simultaneously in a cartoon and book form, with Bourne listed as a collaborator. Milos Matsourek died in 2002.