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Films with the actor Tatyana Dogileva

Tatyana Dogileva

Actor, Director

Born on February 27, 1957 in the village of Novo-Mikhailovskoye, Ruza district, Moscow region. Tatiana Dogileva's parents, Anatoly Mikhailovich and Anna Afanasyevna, were workers at a flour-grinding plant, the elder brother Vladimir (5 years older, died in the mid-1990s), was disabled since childhood. She studied at the school at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, at the age of fourteen she was accepted into the studio of a young actor at the Central Television, in 1974 she entered GITIS, graduating in 1978 (course of V. P. Ostalsky). She studied on the same course with Viktor Sukhorukov and Yuri Stoyanov, with whom she had an affair for some time. In 1978-1985 - actress of the Moscow Theater of the Lenin Komsomol. Since 1985 - actress of the Moscow Theater of Drama named after M. N. Ermolova. In August 2012, she left the theater named after M. N. Yermolova of her own accord, as she had not appeared on the stage for about 20 years. In 1998 she made her debut as a director, staging the play "Moonlight, Honeymoon". From September 2006 to June 2007 she worked as a TV presenter of the day-to-day psychological talk show “Two Truths” on NTV. He lives in Trekhprudnom lane in the area Patriarshy Ponds. Personal life The first husband (1978, within three months) Alexander - got married while studying at the institute, met on the set of the film “Ticketless Passenger”, in which he worked as an illuminator. The second husband, Mikhail Mishin, is a satirist, the marriage lasted from 1990 to 2008. Daughter - Catherine M. Dogileva (born December 30, 1994) - actress. Lives and works in the USA. She graduated from acting classes in Cambridge, American Academy of Dramatic Art

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